Get Your Residential Workplace School Hospital Ready

Protect your Community from the Pandemic with KipleLive Outbreak Prevention and KiplePay Unified Payment Solutions.
Is your community DIGITAL READY ?

Why kipleLive?

Digitalize Your Property

kipleLive allows you to automate and protect your property through seamless and contactless touch points.
Citizens Protected
Buildings Secured

OutBreak Prevention Platform

For Public Spaces, Property Management, Building Managers and Offices

Our A.i Thermal Scanner paired with the Workforce and Visitor management app automates and adhere to Government SOPs to allow your employees to come back to work and feel safe.


How does Workplace Safety Work?

Secure Residential Homes and Workplaces with A.I Face Recognition , Digital SOPs and Digital Apps

Protect & Reduce Risk

Reduce risk of infection with body thermal scans and contactless access

Command & Control

Digitalize Government Health SOPs and Workplace Policies with inbuilt workflows 

Record & Report

Record details of every person accessing your building including temperature scans and face ID.

What kiplelive can do

Seamless User Journey




We Adapt the Platform For

Thermal Scanning, Ai Face Recognition, Access Control, Visitor Management System, Staff Attendance Records, Health Declaration,


Contactless Residential Access, Digital Visitor Management, Residential Marketplace, Digital Billing and Forms


Parents App to manage Children, Teacher and School Portals, Cashless Canteens and School Mart, Student Attendance


Screening of Visitors , QR profile integration with Thermal Screening, Patient Registration, Cashless Payment, Customized SOP


Virtual Ordering, Contactless Payment, Health Screening of Walk-in Customers, Digital Records and QR Scanning


Event or Guest Registration, Thermal Screen of Participants , Face ID for Contactless Tracking, Digital Records, VIP Greeting and Alerts


Access to Government Buildings and Secure Areas and Government buildings, Integration to Government Contact Tracing Apps

Public Areas

Thermal Scanning at Public Transportation such as Airports, Train Stations and Bus Stations


Foreign Workers Staff Upload, Face Recognition Thermal Screen, Digital Attendance Records, Screening at CLQ


Successful Deployments



Michael Yam Founder Promenade Group

The app makes it easier to maintain the building. It is like a community app and everyone, including management and cleaners, will use it. Owners can check on the record of the tenants and their bills.

Andrew Crompton Principal of Rafflesia

Today, many parents are concerned about the safety of their children. kipleLive help curtail the spread of Covid-19 and ensure that the buildings and premises are safe for their community.

CC Puan CEO Green Packet

Leveraging on cutting-edge surveillance systems, the kipleLive FR thermal makes temperature monitoring and identification of people more efficient and faster, even with the face masks on.

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