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kipleLive is a “Proptech” – property technology provider for both commercial and residential buildings. We build and provide solutions such as Facial Recognition access, Visitor Management, License Plate Recognition to digitalise and reduce the cost and effort of a property manager. Our solutions and services vary from hardware and software, management portal, applications and customer support.

The kipleLive app is designed to bridge the gap between the management and end users, and to enable tenants and visitors to enjoy a seamless and contactless touch point within the community. The key features include access codes, e-Pass, bookings, messaging, announcements, marketplace, payment, etc.

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The Company

Owned by Kiple Sdn Bhd, our aim is to create a safe and connected community in commercial as well as residential buildings. Property managers can expect to have a more conducive operation, improved communication and the potential to create a closer-knit community.

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