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Reopening School with kipleLive Modules

The kiplelive A.i thermal is made to promote a safe and contactless access point, health code recording and a reporting system to ensure a convenient back to school SOP

We have put together a series of modules specifically for schools who hopes to digitalise for the new norm.

You could effectively record attendance and restrict visitors with digital passes; or send out messages and announcements with related parties i.e students and parents, or a contactless and cashless school mart.

The School User Journey

The devices on the image (on the right) are clickable. Just mouse-over the devices, click the red overlay and a descriptor will appear here. The descriptors will help you understand the role and function of each device in the kipleLive for Schools end-to-end experience flow.

Students attending school will have their kipleLive app for School on standby.

AI Facial recognition will scan student's face and log their data in the system.

Security and guard app will be used by security guards on duty

Health check-in by students' scan of a QR code provided. This is to record attendance and health status to adhere to the government's SOP

This is where the contactless Visitor Management System (VMS) will be used to serve the QR code that needs to be scanned by students and visitors to the school.

Crisis monitoring and management system will log the student's movement activities up to this point.

Students can make orders via the app, utilising simple URL provided by the merchant. This will avoid overcrowding in the canteen and promotes social distancing

Merchant will use their Canteen Merchant app to take and fulfill orders.

Student Face ID will be used for students who have placed their orders. It is used for verification purposes to ensure that students get their orders prepared and claimed by the rightful person.

What Do You Need?

Protecting your school and students does take effort in this difficult times, and our solution comes with these devices to help you and your workforce to manage the school better:

kipleLive A.i Thermal

kipleLive A.i Thermal

A seamless and contactless access point that trace a healthy temperature by using facial recognition. As school operators, you’re in control to detect and deny risky individuals with background data, health code or without face mask. With high accuracy levels, access movements became efficient

kipleLive App

kipleLive App

A user friendly app for parents, students and teachers. Our app provides face ID setup for first time user, record of students health code and communication platform; reducing any worries and physical meetings between parents and the school. Contact tracing made easy this way.

kipleLive Portal

kipleLive Portal

Own your real-time report of attendance and health check of every individuals, reducing manual work and obtain better optics from data collection. Our backend system allows other multiple features like broadcasting, private messaging, news feed and pre-register visitors with digital passes.

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