How Are We Coping with Schools Finally Reopen?

When Malaysia finally announce the reopening of schools since March 14, Our students were heard rushing their 4 months homework to recoup what was missed before they return in July. We certainly also hope they could adapt to their syllabus as much as the new norm.

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Schools nationwide are set to welcome all students primary and secondary in phases. Form 5 & 6 students who are preparing for their SPM & STPM have geared back to school since July 15, while the rest of the schools are reopening on the 22nd of July.

However, school representatives, students and parents will have to adhere to strict standard operating procedures set by the health ministry.

Here are the key SOPs when classes resume. Student will have their temperature scanned as soon as they arrive at school and a temperature above 37.5 degree or showing any relevant symptoms will be asked to go home.

It also includes the 1 meter apart sitting, canteen’s pre-packed meals to be brought back to their classrooms, staggered recess sessions and students are not allowed to carry out outdoor activities at this point of time. While it may seem a little troublesome for everyone in school, it is for our safety and the beginning of the new norm.

kipleLive Portal
Caption: kipleLive admin portal keeps track of attendance through the thermal scanner.

In conjunction of the reopening, kipleLive is launching an end-to-end #digitalready module for schools. Instead of providing a mere facial recognition thermal device, schools and education institutions are prepared to be digitally transformed with digital attendance and cashless.

Caption: kipleLive admin portal keeps track of attendance through the thermal scanner.

Let’s begin with the A.i and face recognition thermal scan at the entry point. There are countless improvisation to the new accurate and fast scanning temperature scanner to allow students not to be late for classes.

When a school is on-boarded, we encourage school authorities to pre-register students with facial digital ID through an admin portal, the same portal that provides daily clock-ins and records the attendance without human error.

kipleLive digital convenience are also extended to canteen and merchant counterpart to ease hygiene control and operations. Imagine payment through face recognition at the pay point, and an app to review and report successful transactions. Canteen and bookstores will not only reduce risk in cash handling but also a seamless business operation.

As of recent Covid-19 updates, as Malaysians we have learnt that the fight from Covid will not end overnight. It is also the case for schools and transformation. Would you allow your school to embark into a digital transformation? Let us know.

Visit kipleLive for Schools, and check out the current promo page located here.

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