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Are your operation and productivity affected by ‘work from home’?

The kipleLive framework solution is perfect for commercial workplace, shop offices, malls and restaurants. The facial temperature scan is designed for quick and accurate reading; while each scan records the data or attendance of your visitors!

Scenarios Where Our Thermal Imaging Can Help

Take no chances, protect your workforce and business premise now with these benefits:

Temperature Screening

  • Long queue for manual temperature checks & inaccurate temperate readings
  • Unable to track and trace individuals after temperature checks

Track & Trace

  • Track and trace the places individuals that contracted COVID-19 went
  • Analyze the potential cases that came in contact with affected cases

Quarantine Verifications

  • Unable to verify if quarantine personnel are staying home
  • Tracking of home quarantine persons, especially tourist or traveler

Automate Manual Task

  • Improve queues and operation by digitalizing administrative forms, registration forms or health declaration forms.

Digital Ecosystem

  • Own a digital ecosystem which automates manual work and collects a cycle of digital data through thermal, app and portal.

Safeguard Premises

  • Alert management on patients with Covid-19 record and perform contact tracing when needed by the health authorities.

Employees & Visitors User Journey

The user journey described in a simple flow when implemented will tremendously compliment your existing Covid-19 prevention SOP policy in workplace.

Employee Journey-1

Workers will have their temperature and attendance taken from the scanning zone.

Employee Journey-2

Fever detection will alert authorities and health form will turn red.

Employee Journey-3

Employee is sent to listed as Blacklist within the system and not allow to enter

Employee Journey-4

High temperature staff will be blocked from entering by Face Recognition System for 14 days.

The devices involved in the user journey

The Devices Up Close

Setting up the devices are easier than you think for a seamless and safer workplace.

FR Thermal Scanners

Our scanner had 2 decimal point accuracy, speed scan and transmit data via wireless connection.

kipleLive App

An all-in-one app for Face ID registration, receiving important announcements when needed and making emergency calls.

kipleLive Admin Portal

Own a customised admin portal for attendance and health check report to reduce tedious manual work.

Successful Deployments

From place to places, we enable digitalization of many verticals in the new normal. A good nation building starts with safeguarding our workforce. We continue to #FightCovid19 in the #NewNorm.

Istana Negara, KL
Tshung Tsin Secondary School, Tenom, Sabah
Partnering with Xiang Lian Youth Association Charity and Educational Fund
Hospital Enche' Besar Hajjah Khalsom, Kluang
MAHA Soft Launch
SJK(T) Puchong, Selangor
MATA Seminar, KL
Kuala Pilah Parliament Office, Negeri Sembilan
SMK Cheras Perdana, KL

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