Top 5 Neighbors from Hell & How To Deal With Them

You get to choose where you live, however you don’t choose who you live next to. Everyone will surely have encountered times when they don’t get along with their neighbors. You may be living in your dream home at the most perfect neighborhood, but the neighbors can be very irritating at times.

Despite that, we must learn to deal with these neighbors in order to live harmoniously and coexist with one another. We share with you what we think is the 5 worst types of neighbors and how you can handle them peacefully, so you can put away your plans of moving to another neighborhood to avoid your neighbors.

1. The CCTV (Stalker)

This neighbor will observe your every move in and out of the house, watching you closely like an FBI on a case. Usually an older aunt or uncle, they have all the time in the world for other people’s business, so be very careful and look out for their hawkeyes peeping through the window. Although it can be irritating to have them all up in your business, your observant neighbor doesn’t exactly mean any harm.

It’ll be good if you can just ignore them, but if it really is getting on your nerves you can always try talking to them. Most of the time they are just curious and they’re trying to know more about you, so if you allow them the chance to get to know you personally it is possible that they won’t be observing you so much anymore.

2. The Busybody (Nosy Bunch)

They are the real-life gossip girl of your neighborhood; they probably know all the girlfriends you’ve brought home better than yourself. This neighbor works closely with the CCTV neighbor, harnessing every information they can get about every household and soon every other busybody neighbors will know as well.

Nonetheless, you can’t control what people say about you moreover if you’ve done nothing wrong then there’s nothing to be afraid of. They’ll run out of things to say about you very soon, so the best way to handle this is to ignore them and give them nothing to talk about.

3. The Borrowers (Cheapskaters)

Wondering where all your condiments are at? They’re probably in your neighbor’s kitchen. No, they didn’t steal it, you might have borrowed it to them some time ago, and it never came back. The borrowers are the most sneaky neighbors; they will befriend you and they seem very nice at first, but then one day they started asking you to lend them all kinds of things that you won’t be seeing again.

It would be rude to ignore them or not lend them stuffs when they ask, so the only way to deal with this neighbor is to only lend them a small amount of what they asked for. If they ask for some sugar you can always just give them some and not all of it, that way they wouldn’t need to return it and you won’t lose a whole packet of sugar.

4. The Competitive (Challengers)

They are the most perfect people you can ever live next to. You may think “what’s wrong with that?”, well they are a little too perfect. So perfect to the point that they become kiasu (afraid of losing), and everyday to them is like an Olympic competition. From their children’s excellent grades, their mediocre cooking skills, to their slightly above average household income, it is all a form of competition for them and sadly their opponent is you.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way of dealing with their competitive nature than to leave them be. They will always want to be on top of others, so there’s no point to participate in their competition. Just enjoy your life and know that there are better things in life than worrying about who has the best house decor in the neighborhood.

5. The Loudspeakers (Noisy Bunch)

Probably the most intolerable neighbors ever, because you will find it absolutely difficult to live in peace when the household next to you is being noisy 24/7. Whether they are partying, shouting, or playing their music way too loud, you find yourself unable to even relax and watch TV, you just want to be out of your home as soon as possible.

You have to let this neighbor know that their actions are causing you distress, otherwise, they will never know and you would have to endure until either one of you moves out. If you’re too embarrassed to confront them face-to-face, you can always a private message to inform your JMB through the kipleLive app to let them know about the issue.

Got our app yet? If not, do get your JMB onboard. Complete this form, and we will settle the rest.

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