Top 5 Common Security Issues in Condos & Apartments

Humans developed many safety measures in their everyday lives in hopes of preventing dangerous situations from happening, hence security guards and law enforcement were made available to help us in times of need. Yet despite the presence of security guards at gated communities such as condominiums and apartments, residents still face the risks of criminal activities and security issues occurring in their compound.

As such, we compiled a list of 5 common security issues that could happen in condominiums and apartments, so that you can be more alert and aware if you’re ever faced with these situations.

1. Break-ins

There have been many cases of break-ins happening at condos and apartments, especially the higher-end ones. Burglars can fool the security guards by posing as delivery men or police officers, allowing them access to the compound.

Most of the time they would choose units which residents are not home, however, there are also cases where burglars break into units with the residents at home, which is an extremely dangerous and scary situation and help should always be on standby in case this ever happens.

2. Stalkers

Many of us, especially women, had been warned many times since young by our friends and families to look out for creepy stalkers lurking around. These monsters will follow you closely as you enter your condo or apartment, then wave off to the security guards and fooling them that they’re with you. They will wait around in car parks for the chance to pounce on their victims, and usually, there won’t be anyone nearby that can help you.

3. Careless Security Guards

Security guards can be inattentive or irresponsible at times, letting people in without checking or registering their names. This allows strangers to sneak into the compound which could end up in unfortunate situations.

Besides that, some security guards also skip their patrol rounds through the condo or apartment, therefore they won’t even know if there is a break-in happening right between their noses.

4. House Fire

Some condominiums or apartments are older and not well-maintained, resulting in faulty wiring systems that could cause a house fire if the electricity trips.

The management should always practice fire drills so that residents will know how to escape if an emergency should ever happen. Nonetheless, it will not always proceed so efficiently, so precaution must always be taken to prevent any casualties.

5. Lack of Security Features

Although condominium and apartments have security guards, they might lack the proper training to handle dangerous situations or they’re not provided with basic weapons such as batons for defending themselves and the residents.

Not only that, some of the compound itself lacks features such as CCTVs, barbed fences, or security locks, hence residents are not properly protected by the management and security guards.

In a nutshell, many of these security issues ensue an unhappy ending due to the lack of competent help available when residents are in trouble. In times of emergency, there’s no Superman to the rescue, but kipleHome has something that just might come close to that. In your kipleHome app, there’s an emergency button that you can press and it will immediately contact your building’s security as well as the nearest police station for help. Interested to find out? Get your JMB to partner with us!

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