Top 5 Bills That Worries Most People & Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried

Bills management is one of the major parts of adulting, yet it is the one thing that we were not taught back in school. We need to figure it out on our own, but no matter how mature and independent we think we are, we will never be fully ready when the bills are due at the end of the month.

Despite that, there are ways to deal with your bills so that you won’t have to get stressed and worry every month. We compiled the top 5 bills that most people worry about and why it shouldn’t worry you.

Car Loans

Your bright and shiny new car isn’t truly yours until you pay off the monthly loan to the bank or car dealer. Without proper planning, your car becomes an expensive liability instead of an asset. That’s why it is important that your loan is within your budget and financial capability, so you won’t be caught up too deep in debts in the long-run.

Paying off your car loans can be a painless process if handled correctly. You must ensure that your car is worth more than what you owe, and not depreciating faster than you’re paying it off. You can also refinance your car by looking for better loans, there are many websites that can help you research for car loans that suits your preference.

Besides that, making sure that your payment is on time is important. There are many convenient methods that you can use to pay your car loans such as using online payment.

Phone Bills

In this day and age, mobile phones are almost on the same level as our own lives; we can’t live without it. Your phone bill can vary depending on the phone service package you choose, so it’s always wise to compare all different packages before signing up to get one that suits you and is within your affordable price range.

Moreover, paying for your phone bill is easier now than ever. Many phone service providers allow you to opt for online payment methods, making your bill payment easier.


We need internet like we need food and water; most of us can’t even go a day without good internet connection. However that also means more bills to pay, and in order to get high-speed internet you need to pay more.

You can always call up your internet service provider to see if there’s any new deals or promotions, as well as to make sure that they’re giving you services that are on par with what you’re paying for. There’s also many online platforms for you to compare prices and promotions from competitors, so you can find better deals elsewhere and save up on the expenses for internet connection.

Utility Bills

Every month you’ll get a surprise from your utility bills; you will never be able to keep track of how much electricity, water, or gas you consume within the month. Sometimes it can be hard to control your utility bills from going out of hand because you can’t go on your daily lives without using resources such as electricity and water.

However, you can always cut down the use of these resources in order to keep your utility bills from sky-rocketing. Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you leave the room, or turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth. These little actions can help you save a lot of your monthly utility bills, hence saving more in the long-term.


If you want to make sure that you have a roof over your head, your mortgage or rental payment is vital. Securing your house comes first, so you need to ensure that you’re financially capable of paying off your mortgage and rental to avoid getting evicted.

Paying your bills to your JMB in person can be troublesome, especially when your daily schedule is too packed and you can’t find the right time for handling these payments. An easy way to handle your payment to your JMB is by using the kipleHome app, which has a feature that allows you to make quick and easy payment.

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