Can AI Make Our Home & Offices Safer?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution was first introduced by Klause Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the Geneva-based World Economic Forum in the year 2015.

It is an era where we are able to enjoy advanced breakthroughs in communication and connectivity. One of the most prominent breakthroughs that we have grown accustomed to expeditiously is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI creating awe and wonders
AI creating awe and wonders

Technopedia refers to AI as part of computer science that enables a machine to behave human-like. To achieve that, it requires machine learning algorithms that can be trained and adapted to the given environment and circumstances with inputs such as facial features, masks, camera angles and so on.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning algorithms that decipher the raw input to concepts relevant to a human such as digits, letters or faces1. This opens up boundless possibilities in our daily lives especially when it comes to our security.

While we are transitioning to a more advanced era, video surveillance is still widely being used as the first line of defense for security in either residential or commercial properties.

It is an effective way to spot anomalies that have happened such as robbery or a break-in. Unfortunately, it fails to detect burglars or intruders beforehand. Hence occupants are still vulnerable to security threats.

With that understanding in mind, since the birth of AI, many have adopted the technology to enhance the wall of security.  At kipleHome, AI is embedded into our property management solutions that enable the Joint Management Board (JMB) to pre-empt security-related issues. Upon arrival, visitors’ car number plates are read and registered using AI.

The system will then monitor the duration of the stay of the visitors. JMB will be notified of any irregular activities within the premise.

Narrowing down the security to our own home. There is a proliferation of home security systems with AI technology. These system uses facial recognition to identify whether a moving object is one of the homeowners or intruders.

It is a form of machine learning where the system learns and analyze the object detected in the footage against a pre-determined set of approved images. If the system fails to match the approved images with the moving object, it will sound the alarm.

Tracking with AI – AI will part of automated assistance in our household.

Voice assistant is another form of home security that uses AI technology. With similar methodologies as facial recognition home security system, owners will be able to command and inquire about the security details of the house. For example, to turn on the alarm or whether all the doors are locked.

The scope of AI in enhancing safer homes are endless. In the near future, we may be able to see AI home security integrating with AI home assistants such as Google Assistant that could make the decision to contact the homeowner and the authorities if there were intruders trying to enter the house.

At kipleHome, we too aim to make your living space a safe haven. Our team is constantly working to further develop the security features through AI technology that caters to your environment be it at home or anywhere else.   


We are able to enjoy a higher level of security through the integration of AI technology. Especially within the compound of our neighbourhood, our own home and personal devices:

  • AI-powered property management software such as kipleHome keeps your neighbourhood safe.
  • Arm your home with a home security alarm system through facial and voice recognition. 
  • The future of AI for home security

AI has become an integral part of security and all other aspects of our daily lives. It is an exciting time to be in the era of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or is it not? Let us know what are your wishes to AI in making a safer home.

If you are keen to learn more about how kipleHome can help to make your place a safer place to live in. Speak to our team today!

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