5 Pillars to Upgrade in Your Neighbourhood

Remember how easy it was a few decades back, to just roam around your neighbourhood, neighbours brought food over and just hang out? The trust was there in your neighbourhood community.

By definition, a neighbourhood is the immediate environments you live in. The community takes responsibility together to look after each other. Keeping it safe and robust.

Fast forward to today, our lifestyle has evolved alongside with technology revolution. The dynamic in neighbourhood has changed. Hence, here are the 5 things we need to upgrade with, you guessed it, kipleHome mobile app:


your neighbourhood need to be safe

With crime rates and mischief stories flooding our news channels, instinctively we protect our own home with some of the most expensive locks. Keeping our own home safe does not transpire safety neighbourhood. It takes the entire community to keep an eye out for each other. kipleHome mobile app has an e-Pass security feature. It allows the resident to pre-register their visitors beforehand, the Joint Management Board (JMB) is notified. This helps to prevent outside intruders from entering the premise.

Social Impact

Long gone are the over-the-fence conversations with our neighbours to gain up to date information about the neighbourhood. Now we turn to our internet for updates or such as water disruptions or road closures.

your neighbourhood need to create social impact

Fortunately, kipleHome understands the gap and has a built-in e-Notice Board for news and updates curated specifically serving respective communities. Keeping community stay relevant to the happenings in the surrounding. For example, announcing to Puchong community that there is a mid-autumn festival in the coming weeks. Initiating social interactions amongst the community.


Transport networks, community facilities, cleanliness and hygiene are essential for a healthy community, but we often turn a blind eye and hope someone else will take care of it.

your neighbourhood need a good environment

While the local council has a fiduciary duty to collect our trash and repair the facilities, the neighbourhood as a whole can contribute to ensuring the cleanliness of the place. kipleHome private message allows residents to have direct contact with the JMB. As a team, the residents and JMB can ensure the neighbourhood is maintained at its optimum.

Economic Influence

your neighbourhood need economic influence

Every neighbourhood has its own marketplace, kipleHome brings the marketplace online. Believe it or not, neighbours can help you get the best bang for the buck. For example, your neighbour decides to have a garage sale, they put their items on the kipleHome marketplace for sale. If you were looking for an oven, you can own it at a fraction of the price.

Sustainable Living

your neighbourhood need sustainable living

Digitising payments for utilities are one way of sustainable living. It reduces paper printing, makes filing much easier and space-efficient. kipleHome allows residents to make bills and utility payments online. Attributing in making the earth greener. It also brings digital convenience to both the residents and JMB.


As we progress further into technology advancement, our neighbourhood community needs to adapt and evolve along with it. For a neighbourhood community to thrive it needs to be:

  1. Safe and Secure
  2. Allow Social Interaction
  3. Accessible and Functional Environment
  4. Economical Impact
  5. Has Sustainable Living

Riding on digital innovation, kipleHome empowers its residents to upgrade their neighbourhood communities at its best. How well is your neighbourhood thriving?

economic influence, environment, safety
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