‘We are Ready’ Campaign to Embrace New Normal at Work

Despite the current gloomy business outlook, international technology and telecommunications company, Green Packet Berhad (Green Packet) is taking the lead by challenging Malaysians businesses with the ‘We Are Ready’ campaign.

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only presented an alarming health crisis but it has also brought about a substantial impact on everyone, especially businesses to embrace a new norm.

With the rise in hygiene concerns and lists of stringent standard operating procedures (SOP) to comply with after the MCO softens, embracing a new norm remains a daunting task to many companies.

“As the world continues to grapple with the effects of Covid-19, people are getting more anxious and cautious. Being future-focused, we can’t stand still but must continue to evolve. The ‘We Are Ready’ campaign marks the beginning of the new normal, which features the role of digital transformation in prepping Malaysian businesses to thrive for the new norm in the economy today.” said Green Packet Group managing director and chief executive officer CC Puan.

In conjunction with the ‘We Are Ready’ campaign, Green Packet launched its proptech flagship product called KipleLive which integrates the AI facial recognition, cloud hosted services, FR thermal scanner, visitor management system, and cashless smart parking solution.

Puan shared that nothing is more important than keeping the people, their homes and orkplaces safe. He said, “Leveraging on cutting-edge surveillance systems, the kipleLive FR thermal makes temperature monitoring and identification of people more efficient, even with the face masks on.”

With instant temperature scanning and real-time procedures, kipleLive FR thermal scans and records every individual temperature at a fast and accurate rate. The attendance of each employee can also be recorded instantly with the face recognition technology as well as managing the visitors’ entry-and-exit procedures by omitting the antiquated process of pen-and-paper form-filling.

Beyond preparing the businesses and buildings to get ready, the thermal scanner has been extended to large vicinities like private and government offices, schools, hotels, shopping malls, and public areas. This includes Istana Negara, KL International Airport and commercial buildings.

On top of that, Green Packet is helping businesses, particularly restaurant operators and retailers, to get ready by implementing online payment systems and building digital communities.

With the expected shifts in consumer behaviours, this will speed up the adoption of cashless payment. For instance, diners will opt to reduce any form of physical interaction and engage using e-wallet for self-collection, take away or delivery. This eventually eliminates the cash transactions and on-premises waiting time,” said Puan.

The most recent project undertaken by Green Packet was the ‘Warong Digital e-Bazaar Ramadan’ programme; a collaboration between KiplePay and the Coalition of Malay Small Traders Association. This programme leverages on KiplePay e-wallet that enables local traders to conduct their businesses online during the Ramadan month while providing customers with an entire cashless experience.

Puan further elaborated that the Group is also facilitating residences with the proptech solutions under KipleHome brand as part of the ‘We Are Ready’ campaign. It comes with essential features like visitor management system and private messaging which allows the communities to enjoy seamless communication with their building management while safeguarding the people in the community itself through virtual communication with the security guard on any expected visitors or delivery.

As a kickstart to the ‘We Are Ready’ campaign, Green Packet is offering a special package to the first 1,000 customers for the full package of kipleLive for as low as RM399 per month.

For more information, visit #WeAreReady @ Green Packet or watch a short video about kipleLive here:

Source: The Star

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