Private School Gears Up With Thermal Scanners

Rafflesia Education Group has prepared for school reopening by installing KipleLive thermal scanners at its Kajang and Puchong campuses.

With the scanners set up at the main entrance of the campus buildings, students only need to have their face and body temperature scanned. If there is no indication of a fever, they will be allowed into the building minus any physical contact.

KipleLive is the newly launched proptech flagship product by Green Packet Berhad. It is an end-to-end solution which integrates AI facial recognition, cloud hosted services, FR thermal scanner, visitor management system and cashless smart parking solution.

The KipleLive app allows students and teachers to key in their personal and family details, as well as their recent travel records for contact tracing purposes.

With the data stored digitally, the Rafflesia school administrator will be able to effectively plan the duty rosters and work schedules as well as lunch and break periods for the 1,000 teachers, administrative staff and students.

Rafflesia being the first education institution to adopt the KipleLive system adds a new milestone to Green Packet’s We Are Ready campaign, which is about being prepared for the new norm post-Covid-19.

Since the launch of the campaign, Green Packet has been aggressively helping businesses resume operations seamlessly following the easing of the movement control order.

According to Green Packet group managing director and CEO C.C. Puan, this campaign serves as a call out to businesses to face the new realities by equipping themselves with the necessary digital tools.

Rafflesia principal Andrew Crompton said: “Parents are concerned about the safety of their children when they go back to school. Hence, we have taken the first step by installing thermal scanners at our campuses.”

The KipleLive solution can also be used together with Green Packet’s fintech brand KiplePay, an e-wallet payment system used by universities, restaurants and small businesses.

With the coronavirus on the loose, cashless services will be one of the options to explore.

“It is a good time for all schools to go cashless,” said Puan, adding that the simple analytics recorded in the KiplePay app provides useful information on how the students are spending their money in school.

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Source: The Star

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