What is LPR and how does it change the way you live?

Not only are you the boss of your home, but the visiting boss of your friends’ gated compounds. Imagine this, you rev your car up to an entrance and before you can mutter “abracadabra…”, the boom gate is open and you drive in seamlessly. With LPR tech finally available in Malaysia, here are 10 reasons why the only recognition you need for gated access is the license plate of your car.

Faster ins and outs

LPR is powered by AI tech, faster than human help.
LPR is powered by AI tech, faster than human help.

LPR has a 99.8% accuracy rate, even when obscured by backlight or partially damaged vehicle license plates. Thanks to AI technology where it has been fed millions of images of different formats, this translates to a refined speed of detection. Similar to radio-frequency identification, a total brake-to-stop is unnecessary when driving with an LPR system installed.

Real-time data collection

LPR  Real-time data as live as football.
Real-time data as live as football.

Like watching live football, the data collected in real-time, making it simpler for guards to keep track of any unusual traffic activity and monitor the time-in and time-out of visitors. Because the system also records a log of information, this will prove useful when guards report to property managers with their own insights of security-focused patterns and behaviours.

Enhanced security measures

LPR enhances security measures.

Freeing up manual documentation for security guards, this assigns them to more human-centric tasks such as patrolling and observing for suspicious activities. Also, with no margin for human error, tailgating unauthorised cars will also be denied access. And if ever residents were to do any misconduct that jeopardises the safety of the community, property managers are able to whitelist and blacklist cars as optional reinforcement of community rules or if incidents were reported within a specific time frame.

Smart data solutions

LPR data safely secured

Typically, the information logged by security guards is kept on one computer. And depending on a single server device for data that becomes critical only at ill-timed moments is a scary thought. So many points of failure can happen anytime. With LPR systems provided by KipleHome, the smart solution is where the continuous data collection flows into and is stored safely in a cloud computing network. Not only is access brilliant on a car-entry front, but also where property managers are able to access encrypted information from any time and anywhere, in any case of emergency. 

Vehicle protection

LPR -  No one should get away with that!
No one should get away with that!

When an LPR system like KipleHome is implemented in a compound, a feature provided to every vehicle owner is the ability to lock and unlock vehicles from entrances and exits. This means no imposter guest cars are able to get in or out and your car that is safely parked in the compound is protected from theft via barring of the exit and an alarm for such conspicuous activities. Not even an impersonating tow truck can get away with this, in a case of hiding in plain sight.

Better neighbourhood

Naturally, increased vigilance as a whole helps the community sleep better. And with actual results of lowered incidences of your community and neighbouring areas, that bumps up property value and overall standard of living.

No need for access cards

LPR will make your access free from bad weather

One of the biggest residential issues is the loss, cloning, and forgetting of access cards. However, mobile phones are conveniently embedded in almost every individual’s hands or pockets. With LPR, this offers an optional access method for residents, making life more hassle-free and easy.

Long-term reduction of costs

Reducing the number of barrier gates where there had been a need for two – visitor and residential – cuts down the high maintenance cost of gate repairs. With automation in-car access, there will be a fewer need for security guards, lowering the cost for human resources too.

More reliable than RFID systems

 LPR - don’t let RFID slow you down.
Don’t let RFID slow you down.

The failure rate of RFID systems is much higher than LPR systems with a rate of 20% versus LPR’s success rate of 99.8% in all attempts recorded. Given that implementation of new technology requires years of research and troubleshooting before becoming a highly effective product, license plate recognition trumps over RFID for gated communities today and the promised future.

Keeping the nation safer

LPR for Safer family happier life
Safer family, happier life.

What better way to increase security over your home and loved ones than if it can serve a nationwide concern? With LPR systems like KipleHome that is integrated with other communities through a shared network, public information and reporting such as information on stolen cars are consolidated and there will eventually be no one place a thief can hide!

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