What Are e-Passes?

If you remember in one of our previous articles, we briefly shared with you some of kipleLive’s main features. For this post, we go deeper into one of the most convenient feature kipleLive provides, which is creating an e-Pass.

E-Passes are digital invitations that you can send to your guests via your mobile phones so that whenever they come over to visit they won’t need to go through the whole process of registering themselves at the guardhouse.

How this work is you can create a one-time-only or recurring invitation in the form of a QR code through the kipleLive app, then you can send the QR code to your visitors and the invitations will be available in their phones.

This gives them access to the residential complex, which they then just need to scan the code at the guardhouse when they arrive at your premises and they’re good to go.

With this feature, visitors will neither need to hand-in their driver’s license and/or MyKad, nor do they need to waste time under the hot sun in the guardhouse to register themselves by writing their details in the visitor record book.

The e-Pass feature is especially convenient for recurring visitors such as a home tutor, school transporter, or a piano teacher. Imagine the hassle they have to go through every week just to get into your place. You can just create a weekly e-Pass which they can use for easy access into your residential compound.

Not only that, one-time-only e-Passess can be provided to delivery services such as pizza delivery boys upon making your order so that when they arrive at your premises, they don’t need to wait at the guardhouse until the pizza gets cold just to get registered and approved to enter the compound.

Moreover, you can relax now knowing that with kipleLive’s e-Pass feature, your residential compound can now be safer because only people with the QR code can enter into the premises.

Without the e-Passes, there will be chances where security guards will slack off and not bother to check or register the person coming into the compound; they will just wave and let them pass. Although this eliminates the trouble for visitors waiting to be registered, it also brings in potential threats as unknown strangers may enter without anyone knowing.

After knowing about kipleLive’s e-Passes and their benefits, how do you create an e-Pass for your guest? You’ll be shocked at how easy it is. Just select the ‘Services’ option at the bottom row of your kipleLive app home screen, then select ‘Create e-Pass’. From there, you just need to enter the details of your unit and your visitors’ information, then a QR code will be generated as an e-Pass invitation.

For a comprehensive step-by-step guide, you can find them here. You can send the e-Pass to your visitors’ mobile phones via multiple methods – Whatsapp, Wechat, you name it! They just need to present their phones to the security upon their arrival for scanning and it’s done!

Besides that, you’ll also get a list of upcoming visitors on your kipleLive app, so you are updated with all the visitors and services that will be coming to your unit. What you’re waiting for then? Get your e-Pass feature!

Is your JMB with kipleLive yet? If not yet powered by us, be a recommender to us! Get your JMB onboard with us by filling this form! Our sales team will do the rest!

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