kipleHome is Now kipleLive and This Means More!

To our integrated service partners, management friends, residents and tenants…

We would like to announce that kipleHome is officially called kipleLive, and this means more!

Along with the name, we are expanding our services from residential communities to commercial buildings and offices. That itself would not take away any features that has been around in the current platform for building managers. In fact, tenants and administrators can expect new features that enhance the experience.

As an app user, this gives them a seamless experience from moving to different spaces like residential and offices in a single app.

This Means More…

Expect more improved technologies as we upgrade. For a start, kipleLive is introducing a new product feature that would help tenants going back to work with albeit at a time like this.

A.I Thermal With Facial Recognition

With the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, Malaysians are more mindful when it comes to getting contracted at home and in the workplace. kipleLive A.I Thermal is catered to a large crowd when it comes to screening temperature at a faster and distant manner, with or without a face mask.

It also offers a visitor management system to track and record daily entry and exit in case tracing back infected tenants are needed. An integrating system may also enable our camera to trigger the barrier at offices and reduce security guards and manpower, thus limiting further contact.

A.I Thermal With Facial Recognition

If you would like to know more about the product, let us know! In the meantime, if you’re working from home, stay safe. If you’re back to work, we hope there are more available technologies to help keep your home and workplace a safer place.

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Bernard How
Bernard How
1 year ago

Hi, I would like to explore the application for hotel, f&b.

Phillip Leong
Phillip Leong
1 year ago

Send me more info.

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