How E-Passes Can Benefit Gated Community

Living in a gated community has its pros and cons. One of the main points of having a gated community is “Safety”. However, not all gated communities are totally safe, secured, or hassle-free.

With the limited land that we’re having, more high-rise condominiums and apartments are being built, and not all are totally secured.

In one of our previous article, we shared with you on creating an e-Pass with the kipleHome app. But how important the e-Pass actually is?

E-Passes are digital invitations that allow you to send to your guests to avoid the trouble of having to go through the guardhouse.

The QR code that you sent to your guests will be available on their mobile phones. What are the common problems in a gated community?

Here’s a list of some: –


Even by having a guardhouse around, it does not guarantee you a safe neighbourhood or community. There are times when security guards would just allow strangers to enter the premises without asking for any identification.

Usually, these situations are caused by strangers entering the neighbourhood and without any supervision.


Another problem that we can highlight is “Miscommunication” between the guards and visitor, due to language barrier. Some guards have difficulty in understanding what we’re trying to say since they’re not local.

Visitors could be spending some time and causing traffic trying to register at the guardhouse and having to explain slowly for their visit. Everyone wants a hassle less and carefree lifestyle, and home is where you could rest your body, mind, and soul.

So how effective or helpful is the e-Pass for you and your building management to help ease these problems?

Here are a few points for you:

1. Security

We know that security is one of the main factors of having a healthy neighbourhood. With that, kipleHome created an e-Pass for you and your community.

First of all, an e-Pass is a digital invitation to help ease you, your guest visitation, and it also helps you with security. Means, no strangers can enter the gated community without an invitation from one of the house owners.

The e-Pass issued will be passed on to the guardhouse for your visitor to scan. From there, the guards will know which unit and block the visitor intends to visit.

Only trusted visitors will be given an e-Pass by the unit owners, for example, parents or friends. Without an e-Pass, your security guards might just allow strangers to enter without registering.

Just give them the “Wave”, and they’ll be on the premises. With the e-Pass, your security guards will be on toes to scan all visitors entering the area.

2. Saves Time

By having an e-Pass, your visitor can just scan and enter the premises without going through the hassle of having to show their driving licences or register at the guardhouse.

Some guards can be quite difficult, especially areas with VIPs. They’ll probably ask you questions that will turn you off from visiting that area again. So with an e-Pass, your visitor can continue visiting you anytime and any day.

You can even set a specific day or time for your visitor, that will also help them save a little more time. It can also help those food deliveries to your house. For some people, they prefer to order food delivery rather than cooking.

With this e-Pass feature, they can help your delivery “Abang” to deliver your food faster. Now that you’ve read the importance of an e-Pass, let’s make your community a more secure, and tech-savvy community.

Download kiplehome app here.

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