5 Features That You Need to Master in Your kipleLive App

Welcome to kipleLive’s very first blog post! Here we’ll share with you many exciting topics, from informative and useful facts that you can learn from, to fun and interesting readings that will help you unwind.

kipleLive App is…

A mobile application that creates convenience, accessibility, and connectivity for property managers and residents, improving the performance and revolutionizing the lifestyle within the community for a safer, smarter, and simpler living.

To help you understand more about kipleLive and how it can take you one step closer to smart homes, we’ll be explaining these 5 existing features currently in the kipleLive app that you definitely need to know about.

1. E-Pass

Familiar with the hassle of making your friends or family wait to get registered and handing their ICs over to security guard whenever they come to visit, or you’ve had an experience where security guards are too lenient or untrustworthy, letting people into your compound without checking?

Taking this matter into our hands, the app allows you to create an e-pass which you can send to your guests, so they can just scan the QR code upon entering without even needing the security guards to call you for confirmation.

The e-pass can be a one-time invitation only or recurring access for guests who visit you frequently. With this feature, you are free to grant access to your visitors and save all the worries and troubles. How to find it? Go to Services > Visitors > Create e-Pass.

2. Private Message

Besides that, the app also allows you to connect with your community through private messaging. In some communities, filing a complaint about an issue through forms of email or group-chats can be troublesome than the issue itself; not only does the management take forever to respond to the issue raised, there are so many emails and messages being sent to them, you won’t even know if they’ve seen yours!

With our private message feature, you can directly send your messages to them, ensuring that it has been received and resolved by them. Moreover, the message will be completely between the two of you, without the knowledge of any third party, therefore you don’t need to worry about your neighbor knowing of the complain you made about them! How to find it? Go to Community > Private Messaging. 

3. Announcement

Other than connecting with your community through private messaging, kipleLive also serves as a platform for announcements within the community.

Whether it is about an event that will be held in your residential area or any updates regarding the facilities, the announcements can be posted on the app so all residents can check them on their mobile phones.

The old school way of doing this is through printing posters or flyers, but you can now be environmental-friendly by keeping updated with all the latest updates and news from your management through the app. How to find it? Go to Community > News.

4. Emergency Call

Safety measures are always one of the top priorities for any residential area. We all want to make sure that the community we live in will not be encountered with any misfortune.

With this concern in mind, the app has an emergency call button that you can tap whenever you find yourself in a helpless situation. Once the emergency call button has been tapped, the residential security guards will be notified along with the local police station, ensuring that help will reach you as soon as possible.

How to find it? In your Home interface, tap on the red telephone icon on the top right.

5. Billing

Bill payments to your management can be a long and tedious process. For residents who are busy working 5 or more days a week, they will not even have the time to complete their payments with their management due to time constraints.

Luckily, you can overcome this problem with the app which provides you the convenience of settling your bills and viewing receipts form within minutes through the app’s billing feature even on weekends! How to find it? Go to Account > Bills.

With all these features, kipleLive is definitely the app that you will go to for anything related to your home. So if your residential compound uses kipleLive make sure you download it here! Ask your JMB to get the kipleLive app here if your residence is still not powered yet, or else you will be missing out on the most revolutionary home app ever! Get your JMB onboard with us!

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